Gas boiler problems, different temperatures in distinct rooms

How to balance a central heating system

While your central heating system should work to distribute heat evenly around your home, from time to time it can become unbalanced.

If you haven’t programmed your system to heat the different zones of your home independently, follow these steps below to redress the balance:


Close the valve


Heating up in a domino effect, the radiators that are nearest to the boiler will heat first and, most likely, be warmer.

To prevent these radiators from hogging the heat, partially close their lockshield valves. This will allow more hot water to flow to the radiators further away.


Use radiator thermometers


If you have radiator thermometers you can adjust each radiator in the order in which they heat up. To do this turn off the lockshield valve, place a thermometer at either end of the radiator and open the valve slowly until the temperature at either end is close to being the same.

If you don’t have radiator thermometers you can gradually adjust the lockshield valves on each radiator manually. Aim to reduce the flow of hot water in the warmest rooms and increase it in the coldest rooms.

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