If you have gas meter problems or domestic gas connections you will appreciate this article

Gas connections and gas meters

Gas suppliers in the UK provide gas for British homes and are licensed by Ofgem. The National Grid connects power stations and major substations, ensuring the electricity generated reaches UK homes.


Gas connections


If you need a new gas supply or would like to have your existing gas service pipe altered or disconnected, there are a range of companies who provide this service.

Call 0870 903 9999 for information on how to arrange a new connection or alter an existing connection.


Gas meters


Residential gas meters are provided by gas suppliers so you’ll need to contact them directly should you have any problems or queries surrounding your meter.

If you're unsure who your gas supplier is or if don't have a gas meter yet, call the M Number Enquiry Line on 0870 608 1524 and ask for your MPRN (Meter Point Reference Number). This is the unique identifier for your gas supply point and the identity of the current registered gas supplier at your property.

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