If you have boiler problems and your hot water is not working, here you have some possible causes

How to fix it: No hot water from taps or shower

If you’re experiencing a loss of hot water follow the steps below to try and fix the problem. 

However, if you’re not confident with DIY, contact your local heating engineer for further assistance. 


1. Check the power


Ensure that the power supply’s on and that the fuse is working correctly. If you find that the fuse has blown, the problem may be of a more serious nature and you should contact a qualified heating engineer.


2. Check the supply


Make sure that the gas or oil supply is turned on. If you suspect a problem with your gas supply, contact your gas supplier. If you use oil, check there’s enough oil in the tank by reading the gauge.


3. Check the programmer


Ensure that the programmer’s in the 'on' position and that the thermostats are turned up high enough.


4. Check the pump


Make sure that the pump is working effectively. If not, consider calling a professional electrical engineer who’ll be best placed to fix the fault.


5. Check the pilot light 


Inspect the pilot light. If it's switched off, consult your manufacturer's manual for directions on how to relight it.

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