Learning how to save gas can help your house saving energy

How to save gas at home and reduce your bill

In winter one of the biggest expenses homeowners face is rising gas bills. Help keep your home warm and save money by following these simple steps:


Turn down your thermostat

Reducing the temperature in your home by just 1°C could slash your heating bills by up to 10%, with savings of around £80-85 on annual bills*1.



As a third of the cost of heating your home is lost through the walls*, insulating your home and heating equipment correctly will keep the heat in and the cold air out.

Seal draughty gaps, insulate your boiler, pipes and tanks, and pay particular attention to the roof, walls, floors, and windows.


Invest in a new boiler 

With boilers accounting for around 55% of energy bills*, an energy efficient boiler can dramatically reduce your gas consumption.

A new A-rated high-efficiency condensing boiler will burn fuel economically, restricting the amount of heat lost while reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Switching from an old G-rated boiler can result in savings of as much as £350 per year.*


*Source: Energy Saving Trust

*1: Based on a 3-bed, semi-detached home with an 82% efficient gas boiler

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