Draught exclusion and other insulation

There are several smaller ways homeowners can insulate their property. Often cheaper and easier to implement than measures that involve engineers...

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Cavity wall insulation

Working to help reduce the amount of energy you need to heat your home, investing in cavity wall insulation could return a £140 saving each...

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Solid wall insulation

If your property has solid walls, rather than cavity walls, you can work to insulate them from the inside or the outside.  Common in homes...

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Floor insulation

With an estimated 8% of a home’s heating lost through the floor, insulating under the floorboards on your ground floor could save around £60 a...

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Loft insulation

With an estimated 26% of a home's heat escaping through the roof, adequately insulating your loft could save you up to £180 on your annual heating...

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With as much as 18% of heat lost through windows, double-glazing can greatly improve the heat retention of your home while keeping out unwanted...

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Chimney caps and balloons

It’s estimated that between 80-85% of the heat in a room can be lost through an open fireplace, so it's important to block them when not in...

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