Learn how to prevent blocked drains by reading our handy guide

Preventing blocked drains

To keep your drains in good working order there are several things you can do:


  • Check your drains regularly


If you keep an eye on your drains regularly, any blockages and faults that could cause you problems in future are more likely to be spotted and dealt with as they arise.


  • Dispose of waste correctly 


Be careful what you put down the sink and flush down the toilet. Whether it’s hair, baby wipes and towels or cooking fat, there are several things that can wreak havoc with your drainage system if not disposed of in the correct way.


  • Keep your drains clear


Keeping the area around your drains free from clutter will ensure that things like leaves and other garden debris are less likely to get lodged.


If you have a leaking soil pipe contact your local plumbing specialist rather than attempting to fix it yourself.

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