Read our tips to learn how to repair a running toilet, in a few steps you can fix your toilet fill valve yourself

Stop a continually running toilet

Wasting a large amount of water, a toilet that’s running continually is inconvenient and noisy.

Relatively straightforward to repair, check these three components are in good working order:


The flapper valve


The rubber seal that sits at the bottom of the cistern, a worn flapper valve is the most common cause of a continually running toilet.

To check that the flapper valve is in good condition lift the valve and run your fingers around it. If you can feel grit, clean it off, and if it feels worn away or damaged you’ll need to replace it.


The chain


For the chain to work effectively it needs to be the right length. If the chain connecting the arm lever to the rubber flapper valve is too short then the valve will always be slightly open, letting water leak through. If this is the case, simply replace the chain with a longer one.


The float ball


There to control the level of water in the tank, ensure that the float ball isn’t positioned too high as it will allow water to spill into the overflow pipe.

If it is too high, reposition it by gently bending the arm, ensuring that it’s not bent too low or that the float ball is touching the sides of the tank.

At the same time you should check that the float ball isn’t damaged and letting in water.

If you find that the float ball is in the right place, but the water level still seems too high it’s likely that the problem lies with the ballcock. Check the ballcock washer and if it’s worn or damaged replace as necessary.

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