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The real cost of your old boiler

Do you ever wonder how much your old boiler is actually costing you? It can be difficult to really get an idea of how much you could save with a new energy efficient boiler. But, when compared to the things you actually want to spend your hard-earned cash on, the savings become much easier to understand. With this in mind, we’ve developed a quick quiz to help you put into context the real savings you can make with a new boiler, and show you how those savings translate into real-world items.

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What do your savings boil down to?

If you live in a , your new boiler could save you up to £xxx every year, the equivalent of:

  • chocolate bars300
  • cappuccinos300
  • cinema tickets300
  • pints of beer300
  • loaves of bread300
  • chicken sandwiches300
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The HomeServe Quiz ‘See the savings: the real cost of your old boiler’ uses energy savings data published by the Energy Saving Trust. The energy saving statistic is based on your property type referenced in the first question, the other questions are not used for these calculations. The savings are calculated from savings associated with upgrading from a G-rated boiler (with some controls) to an A-rated boiler (with full controls), across five different property types. All figures are based on a gas-heated home with an 82% efficient gas boiler, using a gas price of 4.18p/kWh. These figures are for Great Britain, savings may be different for Northern Ireland. Some controls = programmer and thermostat, full controls = programmer, thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves.

Chocolate bar


Using grocery price comparison site, taking the average price of bestselling chocolate bars.



Based on the average price of a medium cappuccino at London branches of Starbucks, Costa and Caffè Nero.

Cinema ticket


Data taken from report conducted by the UK Cinema Association into ticket prices. Prices as of 2016.



Data taken from Good Pub Guide 2016 reported by industry publication Big Hospitality, calculating the prices of pints across the country. This is based on the average price of a pint in London.



Average price of a chicken mayonnaise sandwich (the most popular lunch choice in the UK) from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Aldi and Morrison’s. Prices from

Loaf of bread


Average price of the top 4 bestselling bread brands: Kingsmill, Warburtons, Hovis and supermarket own label. Prices based on medium sliced white bread. Prices from