Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi

Worcester Bosch’s Greenstar CDi series consists of 3 combi boiler ranges, including: CDi Classic, CDi Compact and CDi Highflow boilers. Each range has its own benefits and features, but all boilers are designed to be high-quality and energy-efficient.



Boilers in the Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi series:

There is a diverse range of boilers in the Greenstar CDi range, including different boiler types, sizes and models. The combi boilers included in the series are:


Greenstar CDi Classic

This series is described by Worcester Bosch as being their top of the range, high performance set of combi boilers. CDi Classic boilers are available in a range of outputs, so they could be suitable for a variety of homes and demands.

Range:- 29CDi - 34CDi - 38CDi - 42CDi

Greenstar CDi Compact

Boilers in this range could be a suitable option for homes with limited space as they are designed with compact dimensions which could allow for installation into a standard kitchen cupboard. The size of these boilers does not compromise their quality or performance as they’re designed to be an effective source of heating and hot-water.

Range:- 28CDi - 32CDi - 36CDi

Greenstar CDi Highflow

Designed to be a series of ultra high-performance combi boilers, a product from the CDi Highflow range could be an ideal choice for larger homes with two or more bathrooms. With simple controls and a temperature display, these boilers are designed to make adapting your central heating to your needs an simple task.


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The combi boiler ranges within the Greenstar CDi series have these common key features:

  • Designed to provide instantaneous hot water
  • Manufactured to have simple boiler controls
  • Designed to have frost protection
  • Designed to be compact in size
  • Designed to be user-friendly
  • Manufactured to be compatible with smart controls
  • A-rated energy-efficiency


Product Description

The combi boilers in the Greenstar CDi series are all designed to provide energy-efficient central heating. Installing one of these boilers could help you lower your energy bills by £200 per year.

Manufactured to provide both comfortable heating and instantaneous hot-water, these boilers could help you gain more control over your central heating. Key features such as their simple boiler controls and smart thermostat compatibility are designed to make monitoring and modifying your central heating a quick and easy task.

If you think your home could benefit from having a Worcester Bosch Greenstar CDi boiler installed, try our free online quote tool to get an estimate on the potential costs of installation. Alternatively, you could give us a call to speak to one of our trained advisors.


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