New electric boilers for heating in UK

A common replacement for small to medium sized boilers, electric boilers are known to be light, silent and compact. Economical to run in comparison to oil or gas, electric heating boilers are highly efficient. With a small home, they can be a good choice when buying a new boiler.


How does an electric boiler work?


Instead of burning solid fuels to create heat, an electric boiler takes power from the mains supply and uses it to heat elements within the boiler. Water passes over these elements and is heated in the process, before being circulated through the central heating system. 

As electric central heating boilers don’t burn any solid fuel, they don’t produce any fumes or combustion gasses like carbon monoxide, making them safer.


What are the advantages of electric boilers?


  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Compact
  • Fast and efficient
  • Can be fitted anywhere as they don’t need a flue, or space for fuel storage


What are the disadvantages of electric boilers?


  • May be unable to provide hot water for larger homes
  • Not as environmentally friendly as other types of boiler