10 Easy ways to save water in your home & daily life

Helping to make your home more energy efficient while saving money for householders with water meters, there are several simple ways to reduce your water consumption without drastically affecting your daily routine.

According to Thames Water, turning off the tap while you brush your teeth could reduce your annual water bill by as much as £36, based on a family of four in a metered home. While the cost saving is a great benefit in and of itself, making this simple change will save around 17,500L of water per year.

The same rule applies when you’re running the water to wash dishes. For every minute you let the water run you’ll waste 6L of water.  

There are many more ways you can lower your water consumption. For example, shortening the length of your shower can help reduce your home’s water consumption dramatically, as the average shower requires 10L of water per minute.

Fix leaking taps as early as possible, as a dripping tap can waste in excess of 60L of water per week.

It’s not all about water though, as some of these measures will help to save electricity too.

By limiting the amount of water you boil in the kettle to what you need will dramatically reduce your electricity. It’s estimated that Brits waste £68m a year by heating more water than is needed.

While it may seem practical to separate your laundry into half loads, this uses double the water and electricity of a full load so it’s cheaper and more environmentally-friendly to keep your colours together wherever possible.


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