Energy Saving

Top 10 energy saving tips & facts

Although we use it everyday, our gas and electricity consumption is somewhat of a mystery. Here are our top 10 energy facts that may help you to...

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Save over £1,000 by making your home more energy efficient

As New Year is all about improvement, why not resolve to boost your finances by reducing your annual heating bills? Not only will this make your...

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Common energy saving myths

Ever heard a so-called ‘fact’ about energy efficiency that sounded more like an old wives’ tale? While there have been many advancements in the...

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10 Ways to Save Water in Your Home

Helping to make your home more energy efficient while saving money for householders with water meters, there are several simple ways to reduce your...

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12 Appliances That Drain Your Energy

Ever wondered which household appliances drain the most energy? We all know that we shouldn’t leave our gadgets on standby, but unfortunately...

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7 Quick tips on how to save & conserve energy

Being more energy efficient in your home could help you save money on your annual heating bills. It can also help to reduce your carbon footprint...

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