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Top 10 energy saving tips & facts

Although we use it everyday, our gas and electricity consumption is somewhat of a mystery.


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Here are our top 10 energy facts that may help you to conserve energy while reducing your bills. 

  1. A boiler of 15 years old, or more, may be wasting as much as 30-40p of every pound spent on heating your home and hot water.

  2. You could save £50-£90 a year by ensuring appliances and devices are switched off and not left on standby.

  3. A typical window left open overnight in winter will waste enough energy to drive a small car over 35 miles.

  4. Installing the correct heating controls with your A-rated boiler can reduce energy bills by up to 23% annually.

  5. Upgrading to an energy efficient fridge/freezer could save around £23 per year.

  6. Your home loses 35% of its heat through the walls, 25% through the roof, and 10% through the windows.

  7. Around 55% of what you spend on energy bills annually can be attributed to the efficiency of your boiler.

  8. Blocking draughts around letter boxes, keyholes, windows, chimneys and floorboards could lead to savings of £25-£50 a year.

  9. An effective magnetic filter in your central heating system can cut household heating bills and carbon emissions, while reducing system maintenance call-outs. It can also help increase the life of your boiler beyond the industry accepted lifespan.

  10. An energy monitor is a simple handheld gadget that costs around £25 and estimates in real time how much energy you're using.


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Sources: Energy Saving Trust and Worcester Bosch.

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