Gas leak emergencies, what to do in case of gas emergency

Who to call when you smell gas

If you smell gas or have reason to believe there’s been a gas leak you should take immediate action.


Call the National Gas Emergency Service number on 0800 111999, 24 hours a day.


The National Gas Emergency Service will identify the source of the leak and repair it, free of charge, if it’s outside your home or property.

If the leak’s coming from within your home or property, the National Gas Emergency Service is only permitted to spend a maximum of 30 minutes locating and repairing the problem.

If the source of the leak can’t be fixed within this time it’s likely the gas supply will be shut off. It is then the homeowner’s responsibility to repair the leak.

Whatever the circumstance, the National Gas Emergency Service will always make your property safe before leaving the site.


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Tips for dealing with a gas leak:



  • Vacate the property where you suspect there’s been a leak
  • Turn off the gas meter (but don’t turn on any lights to do so)
  • Notify your gas supplier
  • Open doors and windows



  • Switch on any electrical devices or light switches
  • Turn on any gas appliances
  • Light a fire, use a naked flame or smoke

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