Arctic weather fans the flames for British billpayers this winter

As Britain is edging closer to an arctic freeze, research conducted last month showed that nearly one in six Brits have still not turned on their heating, despite the temperature dropping. In a bid to save money this winter, seventeen per cent of homeowners said that they would wait until temperatures ‘turned arctic’ until they warmed up their homes.


More than half of Brits say that they are already feeling the cold in their home, as they are fearful of running up their heating bills, eleven per cent saying that they will be cutting back on Christmas this year due to soaring heating bills. More than one third (37%) of homeowners are rationing the heating, with nearly one in ten (7%) saying that they are trying to spend more time out of the house so not to run their heating at all.


The research also uncovered that one in three pensioners are planning to ration their heating this winter, despite the dangers. Even more concerning is that twenty three per cent of Brits said that they know an elderly neighbour, friend or family member who will be cold inside their home this winter. Half of pensioners are not aware of the grants available to them and incredibly two thirds of pensioners said they are not receiving any grants, despite all pensioners being eligible for winter fuel grants. Seventy-four per cent of homeowners believe that the government needs to do more to help pensioners this winter.


The research shows that the worry won’t disappear when winter 2014 is over. Nearly all homeowners believe that heating bills are set to increase again next year.



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