HomeServe provides five tips for preparing your UK home for winter.

How to keep your house warm

Increasing the energy efficiency of your home can help you to save money on your heating bills. No matter what type of home or budget you have, there are many small steps you can take to protect your home from the elements.


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Follow these four steps to keep your home warm:


  • Block draughts 

Insulate against draughts by checking your home for any gaps. Fit draught excluders around all doors, and use putty, sealer and sealant strips to block cracks and crevices in floorboards and window frames.


Did you know? 

Draught-proofing around windows and doors could save you anywhere between £15 and £50 per year, depending on the size of your home*.


  • Bleed your radiators 

Bleeding your radiators will ensure your heaters are in optimum condition. Release any trapped air, using a radiator key, and allow hot water to circulate more freely. This will help to increase the efficiency of your central heating system.


  • Install heating controls

Installing heating controls, such as room thermostats, will allow you to manually set the temperature in each room of your home.

A programmer can help ensure heating turns on and goes off at the required times during the day. Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) provide even greater control, letting you adjust the temperature of each individual radiator.


Did you know?

Using a full set of heating controls could save you between £25 and £265 a year, depending on the size of your home*.


  • Get your boiler serviced

Prevent your boiler from becoming slow, and ensure it functions safely with an annual boiler service. A boiler service from a Gas Safe registered engineer will identify any faults and can help avoid costly future repairs.


Four reasons to choose HomeServe for your boiler service:


  • We’ll provide upfront and transparent pricing
  • You can book an appointment online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Our engineers are Gas Safe registered
  • Engineers will call ahead of your appointment to let you know when they are on their way


To book a boiler service and find your local heating engineer, enter your postcode.


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*source: Energy Savings Trust

All British savings are based on an average gas tariff of 4.18p/ kWh and electricity tariff of 13.86p/kWh. Water savings are based on an average combined water and sewerage cost of £2.82/m3.

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