Protecting your pipes for winter

To protect your pipes against freezing or rupturing during prolonged periods of cold weather, follow these five essential tips:


1. Lag your pipes

All visible pipes should be lagged (insulated) with pre-formed foam tubes. Pay particular attention to pipes in unheated areas of the home such as lofts and garages, and to those out of sight in cupboards. If you have outside taps and pipes you need to insulate these too.


2. Make sure your tank is insulated

Resembling a puffa jacket, you can purchase a pre-formed jacket that hugs your water cylinder from all good DIY stores. Usually covering all sides apart from the base, to allow warm air to rise, opt for something that’s at least 75mm thick.


3. Repair dripping taps

To fix dripping taps simply replace the washers.


4. Check the forecast

If you’re going to be staying away from home for a few days check the weather forecast. If cold weather is predicted leave your heating on a low temperature or set the timer.


5. Drain your system


If you’re away for a longer period of time, turn off the stop tap and drain the whole system.

Protecting your pipes for winter infographic

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