Avoiding rogue traders, learn how to recognize a gas safe engineer

4 ways to ensure your engineer is who they say they are

When hiring a tradesperson or engineer it’s important to check their ID and ensure they’re fully qualified to undertake the job you’ve hired them for.

Follow these four simple steps to ensure your engineer is who they say they are:


1. Use a reputable company


Choosing a recognised national brand doesn’t always guarantee quality or your safety. When inviting workers into your home you need to be sure that the engineers are directly employed by the company, are trained to a sufficient level, and are fully ensured.


2. Avoid cold callers


Without being able to fully check the credentials of a person whom you don’t know, it’s better to be safe than sorry and avoid inviting anyone whom you’ve not verified into your home.


3. Check ID


Check that the engineer you choose is registered with a reputable industry body. This will ensure that they are credible and certified to carry out specific work. Choosing a registered engineer will also mean that there is a wider body that you can complain to in the event that you are let down by the quality of work or service that you receive.


4. Confirm their credentials


With some industry bodies you can verify the legitimacy of an engineer by checking their ID card number against a database or register.

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