5 tips for employing an gas safe registered local engineer or plumber

5 Tips For Employing An Engineer Or Plumber

Whether you need someone to work on gas appliances, building work or general maintenance, follow these tips for hiring a qualified tradesman.


1. Be clear about the work you need done 

Before you hire an engineer you need to first be clear in your mind what it is you want. Whether you need installation, servicing or repairs, be sure of what you need before you call in the experts.


2. Always use a reputable company 

References and testimonials are key. Not all companies have these on their website, however they will be available on request. Look for good customer service records and always check the quality of workmanship.


3. Look for companies that insure their work

While it is extremely unlikely that anything will go wrong with the services, repairs or installations you request, using a supplier who provides these as standard will give you extra piece of mind, and protect you against further costs in the short-term.


4. Where possible, choose a local firm 

It’s always nice to use local services and boost local business. With a local business and engineer you’re much more likely to build a valuable relationship that could lead to discounts and in future.


5. Always confirm your quote

When hiring any service you should always confirm your quote before the work is carried out. Both at the time of booking and on the day be sure to confirm what the job is and how much you have agreed to pay.

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